Trust Me

I haven’t been blown away by any one narrative feature yet this year and that bugs me, because I really love it when I see something that makes me rabidly beg people to see. That said, Trust Me is one of the more interestingly entertaining films of this year’s festival. The setup is easy to digest: a former child-star turned lackluster  Hollywood agent has about the worst luck a man could have representing young talent. The studio execs don’t really respect him, and neither do the children. Add to that, he’s constantly being bullied by a rival agent who succeeds in pillaging his best actors. By a stroke of luck, he stumbles in on an audition he’s not a part of, and this sets off a series of events in which he becomes acquainted with a young girl who is a prodigy, perhaps the greatest Hollywood discovery in recent memory.  But as the studio closes in on tapping her to star in the biggest movie franchise since Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games (pick one), things get fishy and dangerous. It’s a classic Who’s the Bad Guy? scenario that left my screening crowd thoroughly pleased.

Showing tonight at 8:30pm, AMC Loews Village 7

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