Last week's gripping final moments on 24 led us to see Chloe and Buchanon come to the rescue, and it almost made you wonder how Renee was going to survive being buried alive. The catastrophic event in this season took place when Dubaku used the module to crash two planes together since president Taylor refused to withdraw troops from Sengala. The shot of the plane crashing was scene from a distance, and it really didn't have the impact of the nuclear bomb going off in season's 2 or 6. The writers should have chosen another way to show the crash, but I am sure that is a touchy subject with the world we currently live in.

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The subplot that I was the most curious on how the writers would handle unfolded, as Samatha headed over to her apartment to meet the first man, who has been paralyzed with a chemical by injection. It was a shock to see her get stabbed twice, and in such a brutal fashion. As this scene unfolded however, it was clear that this secret service agent was taking too long to make it look like a suicide. Why not cut his own throat, or wrist, or even shoot himself? What makes this subplot dangerous is that Ethan told one of the bad agents to get the first man back to the white house immediately. Since they planned on killing him anyway, it does bring into question on if Ethan is one of the good guys.

The death of Emerson was certainly a surprise and it brings into question on whether Tony has harbored any feelings on the matter and whether that will come up in future plotlines with him and Jack. While we did learn a bit more about Tony's past a his reemergence out of CTU when he was pronounced dead, Tony did indeed become a villain off screen for three years. It would be interesting to see some of that bad side this season somewhere, and again it is too bad the writers showed that hand this early in the season, and we are sure they have their reasons for that.

24 Season 7: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. Preview

One of the strongest aspects of this episode was the showcase of acting done by Carlos Bernard and Agent Moss. This doesn't really happen much in 24 because the structure of the show doesn't allow it, everything is moving at such a fast pace there is rarely time for what we saw. It was a nice change of pace. The story also didn't solely focus on Jack and the revolving subplots had some nice twists. What 24 needs to be careful with is running side characters into the ground. The first man's subplot for example, needs to be handled with care from here on out. It was shocker that Samantha was brutally stabbed, but the climax at the end of the episode was a little too predictable. Even though we still are at the building phases of the season, this 7th season has turned out to be a great one so far.

Grade: 8 out of 10

24 Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope, Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Clarke, Dennis Haysbert, Penny Johnson, Tanya Wright, Mia Kirshner, Carlos Bernard, more

Story by Anthony Liccardello

Starpulse contributing writer