With only three episodes to go - and one massive time jump ahead in the series finale - it's time (no pun intended) to start wrapping things up on 24: Live Another Day. The writers accomplish this by reaching back into their toy box by bringing back another old adversary, and setting up a new storyline that might be hard to definitively close by season's end.

Jack reveals to a shocked Kate that her boss is one of the bad guys, and that he's currently on the run with the control device that can do a lot more than just commandeer drones. Cut to Navarro, who's officially setting up a meeting with Cross, who is himself overheard by Chloe. It turns out that Cross is the original designer of the control device, and he really wants it back.

Not only does he somehow believe he'll save the world by getting it back, he's allied with the Chinese, who as you know are not friends of Jack Bauer. Chloe begins to realize that she made a mistake by taking her boyfriend back. The rest of us are just waiting for Cheng to return, since the opening credits spoiled the fact that Tzi Ma is guest-starring.

Fleeing to Liverpool Street Station, Navarro drops off the control device for Cross, but figures out too late that the other man left him out to dry. He's very quickly arrested by a CIA tactical team, while Cross and Chloe make their way onto an Underground train, narrowly escaping Jack. A nameless agent soon tells Jack that they escaped off the train a short time later via an emergency brake, and he passes that information on to Kate and Erik Ritter, who's now the CIA station chief.

Kate asks Jordan's Replacement to see what Jordan was working on before he died, and Jordan's Replacement soon discovers that it had to do with classified material supposedly leaked by her husband...to the Chinese. As if that's not interesting enough, the evidence now proves that Adam Morgan wasn't a traitor - he was set up to take the fall by Navarro. An enraged Kate can't believe she lost her husband because her boss was a tool, but she'll probably be happy that Jack is going to interrogate Navarro to probably within an inch of the other man's life.

At the Embassy, Audrey informs her father that Air Force One is ready for them to depart. She's clearly still ticked off at her husband, because she's not happy when Mark interrupts with a phone call from Erik, who updates our political players on everything that they've missed. Heller tells Erik to give Jack "everything he needs" to save the day, and decides that they're not leaving London just yet.

Although Jack tells her that she has the option to step aside in her grief, Kate decides she wants to watch Navarro get put through the wringer. "I never knew I was dealing with Adrian Cross," Navarro says, but he's willing to give up the location of Cross in exchange for the President granting him full immunity. Jack has no interest in seeing him get anything; instead, he's going to rough Navarro up a bit in true Jack fashion. While the weasel crumples to the floor, Erik enrages Kate by saying that he has to present Navarro's case to the President, since we're talking about a weapon of mass destruction here.

The decision is made fairly quickly: Mark announces that an immunity deal is to be drawn up for Navarro, then blows off Audrey's apology, because he thinks she's still carrying a torch for Jack. "What happened between Jack and I, that was a long time ago," she tells him. "We made a commitment to our marriage and I intend to honor it." Once she leaves, Mark's jealousy gets the better of him and he phones his Russian friend, saying he can tell him how to find Jack. Um, that's not going to help your marriage or your career, dude.

Chloe makes the unwise decision to try and run from Cross, which fails miserably because she does it so publicly. "I would have thought of all people, you might have understood," he snarls, before getting her back into his car at gunpoint.