Here we are: the 24: Live Another Day finale. The conclusion to the event series we waited months for and have bitten our nails over for weeks.  Thirteen hours of story time condensed into forty-five minutes of air time. The final end to the 24 saga, or is it? This show goes out the way it came in: a mixed bag of great things and not-so-great ones, not quite reaching its former glory but still damned entertaining.

Picking up exactly where we left off, Audrey realizes that her friend isn't dead, just bleeding to death. When she tries to move to help her, the sniper does the obvious thing and shoots her friend a second time. A disappointed Audrey sits back down on the bench and waits to see what will happen next.

Back at the Russian's place, Jack, Kate and Mark are trying to see what they can find. Jack uncovers a locked cell phone and, after unlocking it with the dead man's fingerprint, finds emails arranging for payment of a shipment that's leaving that same night. Mark also gets notice that Audrey's being held hostage. "You can't go after him," he says to a frustrated Jack, but of course nobody is going to listen to him, because that would make this a really short show. Kate convinces Jack to trust him with Audrey and continue on with his pursuit of Cheng.

Meanwhile, the President and all his friends set up shop at the CIA station. Ross McCall continues to have the most thankless job on the show, before Philip Winchester briefs him - and the audience - on the military situation, which of course is getting worse. He asks for authorization to escalate the country's nuclear weapons, and Heller orders them set on the highest alert. We still say that things would be easier if somebody gave Sergeant Stonebridge - we're sorry, Colonel Shaw - a gun and put him out in the field. It's not like Jack couldn't use the extra help.

That's why he agrees to pick up Chloe after she finally comes to in the middle of nowhere. As Cheng and his henchmen board their escape ship, Chloe begins doing the technological voodoo that she does. She and Jack arrive at the docks, where they're reunited with Jack's friend who helped him rescue Heller earlier. Chloe sets up shop inside an empty storage building, while the guys grab their guns and get ready for a shootout. They take out several nameless guards before boarding the boat itself, but Cheng makes them quickly.

Meanwhile, Kate phones Audrey to let her know that she's at the park. She wants Audrey to draw the sniper's fire so that she can identify the shooter's location, which is easier said than done. After Audrey nearly gets shot again, Kate thinks she knows where the sniper is, and brings some of her tactical team colleagues to the party. Forced to move quickly because Cheng has discovered Jack, she takes out the sniper in a hail of bullets. But just when all seems well, a second shooter wounds Audrey, and she dies on a park bench despite Kate's best efforts. And she's really dead, because there's the silent clock.