Let's hope for the sake of the rest of the season, that the story doesn't spiral into the re-tread territory that made the latter half of season 6 so poor. While some people thought that Henry Taylor's gunshot wound would be the end, that wasn't the case, as we see him being taken to the hospital. The man took a shot to the gut, and his name is Jack Bauer, so it was easy to feel a bit skeptical on how he managed to survive, as well as disappointed as his storyline is the weakest part of the season thus far.

When President Taylor makes the irrational decision to visit Henry in the hospital, the episode enters "Man, haven't I seen this before" mode. How can the president of the United States abandon her post momentarily to visit her husband? Why do people in power on 24 have such crazy family situations?

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With Dubaku being on the run, we saw him persuade Mareeka to leave the country with him, as fellow conspirators must do what they can to aid him, or else some evidence might find itself on the desk of the Justice Department. The familiar territory here is with Mareeka's annoying sister, who is self-righteous and wheelchair bound, too familiar of a character in season 3.

The reveal that Sean is a spy was incredibly lazy on the writers' part. The conspiracy better be far larger than that, as advertised in the early episodes of the season. How many times have they had a spy within an agency. He even talked openly at his desk !!! Retread storylines are what killed this show last season, the writers better be careful that this isn't the start of something far worse. The office bickering needs to stop, and should have ceased with the end of CTU.

What the story will be with the estranged daughter of the president is anyone's guess, but this all has the makings for some rocky territory, where if the writers aren't careful, they will lose fans. Where the hell has Tony been all this time, we have not seen him for two episodes?

It was great to see Aaron Pierce, a nice surprise for fans. The closing moments of the show were shocking, and it puts Agent Moss in a difficult position now that the agency that is corrupted will know Jack Bauer and company have been working with them all long. Agent Renee Walker again had a few nice scenes, as her character is really becoming fleshed out.

24 Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope, Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Clarke, Dennis Haysbert, Penny Johnson, Tanya Wright, Mia Kirshner, Carlos Bernard, more

This better be an anomaly to this otherwise good season.
Grade: 6/10

Story by Anthony Liccardello

Starpulse contributing writer