Best Wilderness Survival Game Involving Both Science and Magic

Don't Starve (Beta)


Klei Entertainment

Don't Starve mixes the survival game play of Minecraft with the charming aesthetic of a Tim Burton movie. Currently in beta testing, Don't Starve puts you in the shoes of an enterprising Scientist stuck on a lonely and dangerous island, filled with pigmen (who turn into werepigs when the moon is full), giant "tallbirds", murderous spiders, and the ominous "grue" which attacks silently from the darkness.

Using the powers of "magic and science" you are forced to survive this roguelike world, which throws new twists and turns at you every day. Also, you have to eat, hence the title. It's a wonderful, simple-yet-complex kind of game, and one that I have been enjoying since the Beta opened to Steam Customers.

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