The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue used to be a godsend for teenage boys everywhere. Talk your parents into subscribing because of all of the "great sports articles" and then once a year, make sure you beat your mother to the mailbox and a glossy slice of heaven could be yours.

Those were simpler times though, before the Internet was a thing and before a certain type of website on the web became easily accessible to anyone with a smart phone. Sports Illustrated had to be wondering what it could do to compete for its target demographic's attention in the 21st century.

Then they hired Kate Upton. Problem solved.

From the first time we watched her teach us how to dougie, men of all ages have had an infatuation with Ms. Upton. Kate has immediately joined the ranks of other top SI stars and in some ways she's even surpassed them.

This is the era of Youtube and the viral video after all. We could only imagine models like Kathy Ireland or Elle Macpherson running down the beach in our mind. But with Kate? Step one: Connect to the Internet. Step two: Smile like a butcher's dog.

Kate's been hired by countless companies to pitch their products and sometimes there are videos made of her just because she's Kate Upton.

In fact, there are so many videos out there that it can often be hard to keep track of where her best, um, work, resides. But waste no more time on those tiring Youtube searches because Starpulse is here to save the day. We've collected on these pages the 20 Sexiest Kate Upton Videos of All Time.

Because we love you.