When you think of Thanksgiving you think of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. After reading this article, you're going to be thinking about boobies on Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrity boobs are always in our face - in men's magazines, adult websites, and on cable network. Despite all this exposure, celebrity breasts don't get the respect they deserve. That is why we want to celebrate some of Hollywood's finest breasts - natural, fake, small, and gigantic. We present the twenty hottest celebrity boobs. Give thanks and say grace for these awesome boobies.

Christina Hendricks

If you've never seen Mad Men, then you've never seen Christina Hendricks and her enormous boobs. The redhead actress garners more attention for her cleavage than her acting skills. When she shows up on the red carpet for an event, photographers run over each other to take snapshots of the most amazing cleavage in Hollywood.