3. Church Lady

"Isn't that special!" was the tagline to every Church Lady segment, starring Dana Carvey in a pious goof of a highly religious older woman. Church Lady interviewed her subjects in a church a-la "Tonight Show" format. When she didn't agree to the answer to one of her many pointed religious questions, she would invariably remark, "Who could have done this, could it be (camera close-up to her face) SATAN?" Carvey broke so many rules (and a couple of set pieces) with this popular weekly bit, that always ended with the unique and comical church lady dance.

4. Stefon

Bill Hader was always a welcome sight to Weekend Update segments as the unpredictable Stefon, the New York City nightlife correspondent for the show. The character of Stefon knew all about New York and recommended the most bizarre places with the most illegal goings-on for the casual New York tourist. Hader almost always broke character midway through the segment, to the delight of WU anchor, Seth Meyers. In Hader's last formal appearance as an "SNL" cast member, Stefon won the heart of Meyers, whom he had always loved, and they married in a quickie wedding ceremony.

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