20 Hilarious Erlich Bachman Quotes From 'Silicon Valley'

Erlich Bachman

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' does a great job poking fun at the world of technology and those who work within it. The cast is filled with characters who are essentially stereotypical parodies of the people you might actually find working at a company like Apple or Google. The reclusive coder with poor social skills. The CEO who is worshipped by his employees. Or in the case of Erlich Bachman, the overly confident innovator with an incubator.

Bachman, portrayed by actor T.J. Miller, is arguably one of the most popular characters on the show and it's easy to see why. The man has more one-liners and insults than a comic at a Comedy Central roast. But underneath the arrogant exterior is a man who does have his friends best interests at heart, even if he does seem to do more harm than good most of the time.

Here are 20 of Erlich Bachman's best quotes from 'Silicon Valley'.

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