16 Of The Coolest Swords From Pop Culture

The Last Samurai

Swords - what's there to say about them? Nobody uses them anymore, which is a real shame. Swords remind us of an age when men were men, and they focused on really manly things, like chivalry, honor and killing a man with a single blow. Alas, those days are gone, and swords have retired from the battlefield.

But they do live on in one place - our hearts and minds. There's something innately satisfying about the simplicity and elegance of a sword, and the ritual of one-on-one combat, of people testing their mettle mano y mano. To that end, they live on in our culture, and by extension in our movies, stories, comics, video games and television shows. They have become legendary, in some cases, mythical artifacts of a bygone era, items that have become synonymous with courage, honor or just badassery. 

Today, we pay tribute to a cultural leftover we very much salute, but are also very glad is no longer in use; the splendid saber; the cutthroate's cutlass; the flawless foil - the sword.

Rhindon - The Chronicles Of Narnia

High King Peter Pevensie

WTF is this? Did my sword have sex with a glowstick?

Rhindon, the sword of Narnia, belonged to King Peter Pevensie. While there's nothing fantastic about the sword, (other than in the movie it glows blue, an homage to Sting - which we will get to later) it does have some mythical qualities. It has a gold inlaid blade that reads "When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets it's death.""When He Shakes His Mane, We Shall Have Spring Again" as well as an ornate lionhead pommel (the little ornament on the end of the sword handle.)

Rhindon's Hilt & Pommel

The sword was passed down from High King Peter to Caspian after Peter returned home, to the normal world. The sword likely met it's end during the destruction of Narnia, so there is no happy ending for this beautiful work of art.

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