Some celebrities are famous for their movies, philanthropy and overall contribution to their craft. Then there are some whose external private activities supersede their dedication to their craft and become their main story. These celebrity sex legends have become known in the press for their prowess and problems in the bedroom. Many regret their actions while some glorify in them. One way to keep the press at bay about your private activities, don't make them public! Here are 14 of the most infamous celebrity sex legends of all time.


1. John Mayer

Music's most notorious womanizer may have bedded his share of beautiful women over the years (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson to name a few), but he confesses that his wild days are behind him. Said Mayer, "Here’s the thing: I get less a** now than I did when I was in a local band. Because now I don’t like jumping through hoops. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a random girl home. I don’t want to have to submit myself for approval. I don’t want to audition. I’d rather come home and edge my s**t out for 90 minutes. At this point, before I can have sex I need to know somebody. Unless she’s a 14 out of 10."

"Do I regret the comments I made about some of my exes? I made the choice to sleep with Jessica Simpson.’ That was stronger than my desire to stay out of the paparazzo's eye. That girl, for me was a drug. And drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl was like crack cocaine to me.”


2. Marilyn Monroe

While Marilyn Monroe was portrayed as the biggest sex symbol of all time, much of the allegations were speculation into the life of a fragile woman who was in desperate need of love and attention. In the book "Marilyn, Joe & Me", Monroe was described as a victim in her career, hence the reputation, and felt she needed to sleep with men in order to gain respect as an actress. The book states,  "Marilyn couldn't afford emotions when she had to sleep with wrinkled old men to survive in the business. She had to protect herself by virtually turning them (emotions) off during those times - as if she were playing a part in order to remove herself from the horror of the situation. When these highly placed, high-priced moguls owned her body and soul, she couldn't afford a life of her own. There were times when she came home exhausted from a day's shoot and some powerful old geezer would telephone her and her skin would crawl".  


3. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has reportedly bedded 5000 women in his lifetime thus far. This brings up a debate: Does it count toward your lifetime tally if you pay for it?  “I’m not saying I’ll never be with a prostitute again," Sheen told Playboy contributor Eric Spitznagel. "But it’s hard. Parts of it are soulless and parts of it are nourishing. It’s always a roll of the dice.”


4. Russell Brand

In a lengthy article detailing his treatment for sex addiction, Russell Brand revealed several sordid details about his relationships with women. Although you may not agree with his views, his directness about his actions leads to zero speculation from the public in general. He is very direct.

"Sex is recreational for me, as well as a way of accruing status and validation (even before I attained the unique accolade of "Shagger of the Year" from the Sun. We all need something to help us unwind at the end of the day. You might have a glass of wine, or a joint, or a big delicious blob of heroin to silence your silly brainbox of its witterings, but there has to be some form of punctuation, or life just seems utterly relentless. And this is what sex provides for me - a breathing space, when you're outside of yourself and your own head. Especially in the actual moment of climax, where you literally go, "Ah, there's that, then. I've unwound. I've let go." Not without good reason do the French describe an orgasm as a "little death". That's exactly what it is for me (in a good way, obviously) - a little moment away, a holiday from my head."


5. Michael Douglas

Back in the late 80's, when no one had ever heard of the term "sex addiction", Michael Douglas sought treatment for his issues after then-wife Diandra Douglas learned of his infidelities. Douglas later stated, "Sex is just a wave that sweeps over me, an impulse that is overpowering. I’m helpless. Every time.’ He also admitted to a problem with alcohol and drugs.

Later, Michael had this to say about his addictions: “Despite all the information one accumulates, and despite the damage you know smoking wreaks on people, they still do it. It’s the same with alcohol. Drinking has nothing to do with highs, thrills, whatever. It has to do with many other causes. I’m not self-destructive… where did that sex-addiction stuff come from? … Some smart British editor decided to make the story about sex addiction… That hung around since 1992, and that little lie that got a lot of press, affected how people looked at me.”