13 Songs Representing 'God Status’ In Rap

Glastonbury Festival 2015 - Day 4 - Performances - Kanye West Somerset 06/27/2015 © WENN

“I am a god!” Okay then Kanye – If you say so!  It is no secret that one of the qualifications to be a rapper is to be cocky and confident.  Face it, who wants to listen to a rapper who isn’t at least a little bit conceited? Nobody.  So, this list has got the conceited part nailed down firmly, as each of these 13 songs exemplify “god status.”

What is “god status” exactly? It’s this idea that, particularly in rap, of likening oneself to God as far as status or being a figurehead, without asserting to be God himself.  Because rappers are often braggadocios creatures, many have released songs overtly placing themselves on a pedestal or even implied their godliness.  Is it very holy? No, typically throughout the course of the featured 13 songs, they are more godless than godly. 

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