12 Movie Deaths That Really Traumatized Audiences

Star Wars

Losing a loved one is a traumatic emotional experience for people of any age. And even though the explosive and violent deaths we watch in movies are make believe, there are a select group of characters whose fictional passing caused a real life waterworks overflow. From the animated deaths seen in Disney's undying classics to the sci-fi trekkers whose sacrifices showcased the best of humanity, these characters were gone but not long forgotten. Gather your tissues and get ready to empty your tear ducts, because here are the 12 most traumatic movie deaths witnessed on screen.

Obi Wan Kenobi in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope"

Sure, he came back as a wise Jedi ghost later on. But when Luke lost his father figure/mentor to his actual bad daddy moviegoers felt their hearts getting chopped in half by George Lucas' crule light sabers. It took all of our force not to cry after this scene.

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