12 Modern Day Movie-Duo BFFs

We all need a friend to lie on now when faced with life’s toughest hurdles are thrust in our paths, and movie characters are no different. Friends provide wisdom and solace, a much needed supporting ear and voice to guide us through familiar relationship and financial problems.

And while movie characters' problems are much more dangerous, with alien evils, mutant xenophobia and death match competitions threatening their livelihood, they still couldn't have succeeded without the dedicated support of their secondary cast. These characters may have been well written, but they didn’t fully come to form until developed alongside their cinematical BFFs. Here are 12 modern day movie BFFS.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger: “Harry Potter” Series

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Many book fans chastise the "Harry Potter" films for downgrading Ron’s importance in Harry’s journey. And while their claims are valid, the movies succeeded in creating a magical picture show built on the loyalty and respect between Harry and Hermione.

Hermione’s time-traveling techniques allowed Harry to save Buckbeak's and his own ass in “Prizoner of Azkaban,” while her endless academic endeavors to help find the remaining of Voldemort’s deathly hollows gave Harry the necessary tools to save wizarding kind. Even as Harry married Ginny and Ron shacked up with Hermione in later years, you know that these two still were keeping their supernatural friendship alive.


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