12 Male Artists Who Thrive Off Of Innocence And Sensitivity

Ed Sheeran

Ok, no sugarcoating here – let’s cut right to the chase! Not every male musician establishes their career based on male stereotypes. What are those male stereotypes? Well, they typically encompass strength, lacking any semblance of vulnerability, and exuding unshakable confidence in the name of manhood. Numerous male musicians these days are eschewing what society formally shaped the male musician to be by exhibiting a more sensitive, in some cases innocent side.

Does sensitivity and innocence from a male musician connote weakness? No, not necessarily! Some of the artists featured on this list of 12 males artists who thrive off of innocence and sensitivity could stand to assert themselves more in regards to being edgier and taking more risks. Still, many of the artists here actually benefit from being softer and showcasing their vulnerabilities. 

1) Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran is one of pop’s most appealing artists; if you didn't know this already, you've been living under a rock…just saying. Amazingly, Sheeran has cemented his popularity with a softness – liken him to puppy you can't resist petting. Yeah, that totally sounded odd/wrong, but in all seriousness, Sheeran’s gentleness is part of his widespread appeal. He has a sensational voice that's equally captivating when poised or when he channels his inner soulfulness on his emotionally driven “Thinking Out Loud.”

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