From the capturing the high-flying bizarre behavior of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes to displaying the paranoid and subversive behavior of FBI head honcho J. Edgar Hoover, Leonardo DiCaprio has masterfully portrayed some of the most compelling figures in history. And after his entertaining turn as silver-tongued stock trader Jordan Belfort in the outrageously entertaining “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Leo officially silenced all naysayers who questioned the actor’s gifted versatility and range. Since Leo has such a knack for bringing characters to life, here are the top 12 historical figures DiCaprio should bring back to life.

1. Harry Truman

Following FDR’s death, Truman officially took over the presidency and made the difficult decision to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan, ending World War II. The president isn’t as lavish or eccentric as some of his other peers, but his brooding inner turmoil when faced with dropping the bomb would be captured perfectly by Leo.

2. George Washington

Washington is most remembered for being the first President of the United States. But making a film about Washington's time as general during the Revolutionary War starring Leo would be some truth-telling, patriotic Oscar bait.

3. Winston Churchhill 

Regardless of what you thought of “J. Edgar,” you can’t deny Leo can certainly bring larger than life characters onto the big screen. And playing a young Winston Churchillwith all his classic witticisms and idioms would be perfect role for DiCaprio.

4. Robert E. Lee

"Lincoln" and "12 Years a Slave" proved that the Civil War and slavery still hold relevancy for moviegoers. Seeing Leo take on the brilliant but personally divided commander of the Confederate Army would be pure cinematic delight. And besides, who wouldn't want more of Leonardo playing a 'proper' southern gentleman?

5. Senator Joe McCarthy

Leo’s knack for paranoid historical characters would make him a perfect for Senator Joe McCarthy, leading the wave of anti-communist investigations in the mid 20th century. Just as long as the makeup is better than his in "J. Edgar," this would be a brilliant role for Leo.