12 Female Television Characters We Can Relate To


It seems like we've turned a corner in the past year or so when it comes to female characters on television. There are not only more women in roles that are robust and meaty, but there are most diverse offerings, making characters that any person can relate to. In honor of television moving forward to create more and better roles for women, here are some of our favorite relatable female characters.


Peggy Olson, "Mad Men"

Peggy Olson wants to be a career woman and she won't let anyone stop her, despite her era's sexist views working against her. Starting out as a secretary at Sterling Cooper, Peggy works her ass off to impress her bosses and convince them to give her a shot at advertising. And guess what? She's damn good at what she does. She knows this and what she's up against in terms of gender the gender discrimination she has to face in the workplace, which encourages her to work even harder to prove she's better than her peers.


Liz Lemon, "30 Rock"

Liz Lemon just gets us. There are times you don't want to do laundry and end up wearing a one-piece bathing suit to work instead. Or instead of going out and socializing, you end up on your couch in a Snuggie working on your night cheese. Liz Lemon takes the everyday woman and makes her look awesome. Because guess what? The everyday woman is awesome. She has her quirks, she likes to heat her doughnut up in a microwave and she is always five minutes away from an existential crisis. But that's OK and Liz Lemon makes sure to voice that it's OK, empowering the everyday women out there to embrace the things that make them different.


Lucy Ricardo, "I Love Lucy"

In an era where women were either housewives or secretaries, Lucille Ball rocked the status quo by starring in her own television show and being damn good at it. Ball's brilliance with "I Love Lucy" was taking everyday situations women of that era go through and stepping them up a notch, or 10. Sure, she did her typical '50s housewife duties, but Lucy had big dreams of being a star and she did whatever was possible to make sure they would happen, to the dismay of her husband, Ricky. She was daring, outspoken, wild, ambitious and hilarious, all while tackling situations that her average viewing audience could relate to. She also became a trailblazer for other women who would go on into the comedy genre, inspiring them by being an example.


Every Woman on "Orange is the New Black"

The most refreshing thing about this series is the diverse characters that make up the cast. They are all in the same place, but for very different reasons. Each woman has a completely different background from the next and it's possible for anyone to watch the show, pick out a character and say, "That's me." From cluelessly annoying Piper to out-of-her-mind-crazy Pennsatucky, boisterous Taystee, smart-talkin' Nicky and plenty more, there is depth in this cast that rivals anything else on television right now.

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