12 Dead Celebrities People Love To Believe Faked Their Deaths

Kurt Cobain

Sometimes we just don’t want to believe a loved one is gone. The same is true for some celebrities, especially after they die under odd circumstances. There will always be a slice of the population that believes these celebrities faked their death for one reason or another.

Kurt Cobain

Despite evidence Cobain committed suicide, the rock legend continues to be the target of conspiracy theorists. In one of the most bizarre theories, it's believed Cobain faked his death and continued to live as Rivers Cuomo, lead singer of Weezer. Why? Cuomo appeared in the music scene soon after Cobain's death and has an obsession with Nirvana.

Other reasons for Cobain to fake his death include his unhappiness with the music industry and celebrity life. Sadly, more proof exists that he really committed suicide. The singer had chronic health issues that led him to destructive drug use and Cobain previously attempted to commit suicide via overdose.

Conspiracy theorists got their hopes up when Seattle police took another look at Cobain's suicide, but all it did was unearth an unreleased note Courtney Love claims to have written.

Jesse James

Brad Pitt as Jesse James

Jesse James

James became a celebrity for robbing banks, stagecoaches, and trains. While legends claimed he was some sort of Robin Hood figure giving his ill-gotten gains to the poor, all evidence suggests he and his gang kept the loot for themselves. When James was killed by trusted gang member Robert Ford, few wanted to believe it as stories of James' robberies became fishtales: larger and more brazen with each retelling.

However, James had a bounty on his head and Ford wanted to collect and stop running from the law. He and his brother were pardoned for murder hours after they were arrested. Robert was killed by a fellow outlaw months later and his brother committed suicide while suffering from tuberculosis.

Rumors of James' survival continued for decades, with some believing Ford was involved in helping James disappear under the guise of being dead. As late as 1995 it was believes James faked his own death, so a team of scientists exhumed his coffin and tested the body. It was verified to be James - or a close relative.

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