12 Celebrities Who've Never Gotten Enough Credit

Adam Levine

Celebrities usually get plenty of attention, but sometimes they don't get enough credit. Maybe you know them for one thing, but you don't know the other three things they do, too. Maybe you don't know them that well, because they've not gotten as much press as they should. There are a lot of good people who are underrated, and that doesn't just mean that they haven't been discovered yet.

We've compiled this list of twelve celebrities who've never gotten enough credit over their whole careers - they're not just underrated now, but they've pretty much always deserved a bit more respect. In no particular order, read on to familiarize yourself with our underappreciated dozen.

Adam Levine: He's one of the biggest names in music and he's on a hit TV show, but eight out of ten times, people just talk about how hot he is. While we're not denying that fact, Adam deserves a lot more credit for his talent. He's a three-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and musician capable of playing multiple instruments, including the guitar, drums and piano. He also happens to be a two-time winning coach on The Voice and turned in a legitimately good acting performance in John Carney's Begin Again. It's time for less focus on his sex appeal and more on the fact that he's very good at everything he's chosen to do.

Tony Goldwyn: Currently burning up the screen as Scandal's President Grant, he's one of the finest actors in the business. That's before you factor in his talents as a director and now executive producer, after he brought us this year's best new series, The Divide. As above, we're not saying that he hasn't been recognized, but with as much as he does and how well he's consistently done it over decades, he's always deserved more credit. People as versatile, sharp and classy as Tony Goldwyn only come around once in a while.

Adam Ferrara: The other Adam on our list is best known as one of three hosts on History's Top Gear. But do you remember his great supporting performance as Chief "Needles" Nelson on FX's Rescue Me? And on top of that, he's also the funniest stand-up comedian working the stage today. It's hard for people to do one thing well, and he's juggling three. Adam has been crazy talented for a long time, and he's also always been the supporting player who doesn't get a ton of attention. It's time for people to finally give him credit for more than being the other guy.

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