11 Real Houses Inspired By Cartoons


Cartoons have been a part of nearly everyone's life since the early days of animation, and no matter how old you are they've kept changing with the times, but looking back on the classics its easy to understand how some fans could become obsessed. Case in point: the places our favorite animated characters call home.

No matter what a person's age, there are certain cartoon characters that remain someplace in their hearts, be it the way they speak, the way they dress, the way they eat or the place where they live.

There are some people who were so fascinated with the cartoon characters' homes that they couldn't overcome their desire to live in one by themselves. These photos shows the extent to which some fans idolize their favorites, with loose recreations or flat-out replicas of the homes they live in...

Flintstones-like Houses

This stone house is inspired from the one in 'The Flintstones' and looks amazingly similar to the one in the cartoon. In spite of its unusual look, given by the huge spherical boulder on the uphill side and scoop-shaped end, it is like most contemporary homes on the inside. It has a front door, some windows, and a roof. This house is located in Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal.

Late TV producer Dick Clark built his own Flintstones-style house in Malibu, California. The story goes that a wildlife conservation group didn't want Clark to build on the land, which abuts the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. Clark was very adamant about doing so, but then his architect was able to help both sides reach a compromise when he suggested building a home that looked like a natural rock formation.

This home (above) is actually called "The Flintstone House" and is in Hillsboro, Calif. It can be seen from the Interstate and was once even more prehistoric-looking before the orange paint job.

The Simpsons' House

The Simpsons' house exists for real and is an exact replica of the house in the cartoon series, inside and out. This house was built by Fox in 1997 to promote the show as part of sweepstakes they ran with Pepsi. The winner opted for a $75k cash payout instead of the house, which was valued at the time at $120k. Since then it has been repainted and stripped of all the interior decorations and converted into a regular house. It is located in Henderson, Nevada.

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