11 Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age

Keanu Reeves - Allegedly

The Fountain of Youth may is certainly a popular historical fable, promising everlasting life and vitality to those lucky to drink from its waters. But even as this popular myth evaporated over the ages, there seems to be some Hollywood celebrities who happened upon hidden caches of aqua vitae. Whether they're well into their retirement years but still working non-stop, or middle-agers enthusiastically proving 50 is the new 20, here are 11 celebrities who never seem to age.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

It’s uncertain whether Captain Picard was infected by some interstellar anti-aging element during his course on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” But it seems that Stewart hasn’t aged a single day since the 1990’s, still looking as magnificently poised and bald as ever.

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