10 Years will release their new album, Division, on May 13th. After spending the better part of two years on the road supporting their debut album, The Autumn Effect, 10 Years went back into the studio, this time with acclaimed producer Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam, Nickelback, Soundgarden). Musically eclectic, technically adept and emotionally poignant, the songs shatter preconceptions, revealing a tapestry of previously unexplored influences and a larger array of stunning melodies.

The quintet got their start in the Knoxville, TN, music scene and swiftly made a name for themselves when the irresistible cut, "Wasteland," from their independently released album Killing All That Holds You, started getting heavy airplay. A major feat for a band without a proper label behind them, Universal Republic Records quickly offered the band a contract. The band then went on to release The Autumn Effect and their eclectic sound found the band embraced by rock, metal and alternative fans alike. The band has managed to channel their distinct personalities into one cohesive musical vision that has transcended any boundaries that may have existed before. Division is the sound of a band reaching the heights of their power.

Listen to "Beautiful": Windows | Quicktime

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