For many singers, it's a dream to become an actor and be a "respected" person in the movie industry. For actors, it's the other way around. Singing gives them the freedom that the staid world of acting does not. While some have succeeded in their pursuit of musical integrity, way more have failed. Let's give them some credit though, many of the acts listed below have had success overseas, where anyone American is sure to have a Top Ten hit!

1. David Hasselhoff

Following the cancellation of his hit series "Knight Rider" Hasselhoff returned to music, the passion which drove him to the entertainment business, and was signed by CBS/Epic Records to a recording contract. Revealed Hasselhoff, "The first record must have sold all of seven copies in the United States, but it was a huge hit in Austria. So the next thing I knew I was off for Europe." Since then, Hasselhoff has racked up over 4 million records sold, all of them overseas. Hey, at least we had "Baywatch" first!