10 Unconventional 'Back To School' Songs

Kanye West performing live at Bravalla Festival Norrkoping 06/28/2014 © WENN

Students of all ages and teachers everywhere are going through that time of the year that can be frightening as albeit – the beginning of the school year! Scarier than any monster that appears during Halloween, the beginning of a new school year kills the vibe of summer vacation.  Still, it’s inevitable, and the only thing students and teachers can do is endure and make the best of it. Here’s 10 Unconventional ‘back to school’ songs that may (or may not) help!


1) Pink Floyd, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” from The Wall, 1979

Pink Floyd, The Wall © Parlophone

Sure, “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” isn’t praising education, but how many students do you think echo the sentiment of its lyrics, at least at some point of their educational career.  “We don’t need no education / we don’t need no thought control / no dark sarcasm in the classroom / teachers, leave them kids alone.”  Maybe Roger Waters pointed the figure too harshly at the teachers – someone needs to write a version from their perspective.


2) Kanye West, “School Spirit” from The College Dropout, 2004

Kanye West, The College Dropout © Roc-A-Fella

Kanye West delivers another negative take on school, despite its title. “Told ‘em I finished school and I started my own business / they say ‘oh you graduated?’ / No I decided I was finished.”   To further quote Mr. West, “Back to school and I hate it there, I hate It there.”  So, the “School Spirit” is low.

3) Calvin Harris, “School” from 18 Months, 2012

Calvin Harris, 18 Months © Sony Music Distribution

Commentary will be limited on this one – it’s instrumental.  Free pass! That said, it is entitled “School” – isn’t that sufficient?  “School” has to make a back to school playlist, right, if for nothing else than to add some groovy vibes.

4) Alice Cooper, “School’s Out” from School's Out, 1988

Alice Cooper, School's Out © Rhino Flashback

Unfortunately for kids of all ages and the people that teach them, school is back in session.  However, Alice Cooper’s rebellious rock classic is awesome whether it’s the beginning or end of the school year: “School’s out for summer / school’s out forever / school’s been blown to pieces.” Arguably the best lyrics: “No more pencils / no more books / no more teacher’s dirty looks.”

5) Bowling for Soup, “High School Never Ends,” from High School Never Ends, 2006 

Bowling For Soup, High School Never Ends © Jive

In the eyes of punk-pop band Bowling For Soup, the attitudes of people don’t mature from immature high school.  Rather than discuss the academic aspects of high school, Bowling for Soul is only concerned about the social aspects.  “The whole damn world is just as obsessed / with who’s the best dress and who’s having sex / who’s got the money,” the band sings on the chorus. “Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends / high school never ends.”

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