Could you picture Tom Selleck outrunning boulders and beating up Nazis as Indiana Jones? Or lovable high school truant Matthew Broderick brewing up blue meth as Walter White? Highly doubtful, since Harrison Ford and Bryan Cranston’s iconic characters are impossible to play by any other actor no matter how talented or accomplished.

Yet it's surprising to consider how many iconic movies and TV series almost were narrowly miscast with the wrong stars. Even though their careers may have suffered from turning down these blockbuster hits, these characters luckilly found their proper Hollywood voice.  Here are 10 superstar actors who turned down iconic movie and TV roles


Will Smith could have been Neo in “The Matrix”

Sure, Smith portrayed bona fide sci-fi chops in “I, Robot,” but seeing the Fresh Prince plug into the Matrix’s leading digital martyr would have caused a cinematic system overload. It’s not that Smith would have been bad, but he wouldn’t have been nearly as woah-worthy as Keanu.