10 Successful Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Jessica Alba

These days, celebrities are doing more than just their day jobs. In addition to acting and singing, many have created their own businesses and turned into successful entrepreneurs. They've dabbled in everything from fashion to restaurants. The following stars have proven that they have more than just acting chops.

Jessica Alba created The Honest Company to help parents know what ingredients and chemicals are used in baby food, diapers and accessories.

She told Forbes.com earlier this summer: "I wanted to make it easier for myself — and for all families — to have safe, beautifully designed, affordable products that actually worked. As I did due diligence in the 'Eco' marketplace, I saw there was a social injustice that the average family couldn't easily find or purchase healthy products. So, I created Honest.com because, as a mom, I needed it, wanted it, and believed we could make the world a better place for my children and families everywhere."

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