10 Songs That Should Never Be Sung At Karaoke


The idea of singing in front of a large group of strangers is often a terrifying one, but luckily karaoke exists to allow for this with little or no pressure on the singer. Alcohol is also usually a contributing factor to the lack of pressure, but still it gives the chance for those who can't normally sing or are afraid of performing the chance to get up in front of others (who may or may not be intoxicated) and sing and perform. There are plenty of great songs to sing at karaoke, but there are a few particular ones that should be avoided at all cost. Here are ten of those songs.

10. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" The Baha Men

Nostalgia for the 90's seems to be all the rage these days, but there are certain things that should be left in the past. "Who Let the Dogs Out" should not only be left in the past, but also should be burned, buried, and it should be forbidden to speak about. It also serves as a karaoke dj's worst nightmare, because people usually sign up for it despite only knowing the incredibly simplistic yet incredibly stupid chorus. Only sing this if you like being hated by a large group of people at the same time.

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