10 Songs Featuring ‘White’ In Their Title

 One Direction open the UK leg of there world tour Where We Are, in Sunderland Liverpool 05/28/2014 © WENN

Sometimes one word provides common ground for numerous, unrelated songs. Yes it sounds crazy and probably is, but if the old genre-divided playlist has grown old, it’s time to shake things up. The possibilities that happen courtesy of a randomized playlist using one word as the inspiration is nothing short of magical.  Hence why this playlist, formed by songs featuring the word ‘white’ within their titles, is truly something… 

1) Michael Jackson, “Black or White” (Dangerous)

01/01/1989 © WENN.com/FayesVision

Honestly, how can you leave ‘the king’ off of any list, particularly if he has a song that fits? “Black Or White” sits in first place, even if this is a noncompetitive playlist.  “Black Or White” was the sole #1 hit from Dangerous and is certainly one of Jackson’s beloved classics.  A standout lyrical moment –  “Don’t tell me you agree with me / when I saw you kicking dirt in my eye.”

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