5. Even Stevens

Shia LaBeouf would never sign on for an Even Stevens Netflix series. He's a serious movie actor now. If Shia did sign on, he'd sign on for something quite different than the series he left. The Even Stevens movie wrapped up the series quite forgettably. So, imagine Louis is a recent college graduate with a degree in the humanities. The job market spits on those with degrees in the humanities. Tawney broke up with him to take a writing job on the HBO series Girls. Louis still pulls outrageous pranks to distract himself from his crippling despair. Ren's a successful news anchor, but Louis will sneak into the news room and change the teleprompter. Silliness aside, Even Stevens was a delightful Disney sitcom that ran for 3 seasons and got a movie. I'm interested in revisiting the characters in the series.

6. Everwood

The rotting corpse of 7th Heaven killed Everwood in spring 2006. The CW was a new network. President Dawn Orstoff wanted a sure thing on Monday nights. Everwood struggled, ratings-wise, in its 4th and final season. A long-term revival wouldn't be possible. Greg Berlanti produces every show on TV (not true). I sort of wonder what a scaled down Everwood would be like in a hypothetical fifth season. Cut out the unnecessary soap elements. Focus on the Browns, the Abbotts, and the relationship between Amy and Ephram. Explore how Andy's second marriage changed him, how Amy and Ephram are seven years into a relationship and much older than they were in the finale. There's a story to be told that further strengthens and deepens the bond between Harold and Andy. Revive the series and hire me to write it, Netflix.

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