3. Alphas

Alphas was another low-rated series prematurely cancelled--that's a trend in this piece. Alphas was everything HEROES wasn't: thoughtful, smart, excellently written, wonderful characterization. Ryan Cartwright's character, Gary, was the very best character on television for a significant stretch of time. The second season built to a explosive moment for the alphas involved and left the viewers hanging. Unfortunately, Syfy cancelled it. I'd love a revival to find out what happens next.

4. Angel (Movies)

TheWB cancelled Angel in February 2004 and tried to soften the blow with promises of TV movies for individual characters. The WB lied. The Angel story lives on in comic books, but I'd still like those movies. Joss Whedon's busy as the king of Marvel but he could executive produce. I imagine it'd work like this: Netflix orders three Angel movies that may or may not follow the comics. Bring in Whedon-verse alums to write and direct the movies. Steven DeKnight could write and direct an 88 minute movie about Illyria or Tim Minear could tackle a movie about ghost Wesley or Jeff Bell could take a break from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and write something.

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