Ever notice the lengths at which a male lead will go to get the girl of his dreams in a movie? Did it ever creep you out that his stalker tendencies actually won the love of his life? Lemondrop thought about it and presented the 10 men from romantic comedies that need restraining orders.

As Andrea Zimmerman writes: "In no particular order, here are some moments that never meant to scream stalker, but totally do anyway. And we've rated them based on the ultimate stalker boy/friend, Duckie, from 'Pretty in Pink.'"

Lloyd (John Cusack), "Say Anything" Oh, Lloyd and the famous boom-box-over-his-head scene (blasting the song he banged his ex to, nonetheless). Young John Cusack, you set the bar for all future stalker behavior. 5 Duckie's out of 5.

Noah (Ryan Gosling), "The Notebook" It pains us a little to include this one in the list since we love, love, love wet and shirtless Noah Calhoun. But the whole writing Ali letters every day for a year ... wtf? Why do you have so much time? Writing 50 letters is teetering on a little nutty, but 365 is totally psycho. 1 Duckie out of 5.

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