How I Met Your Mother (returns September 21)

If you haven't tried out "How I Met Your Mother" yet, you're really missing out on one of the best sitcoms on television. This charming comedy is about a group of friends in NYC, and specifically the main character Ted's search for "the one." Or really, the woman who will eventually be the mother of his children in the future. Last season Barney struggled with his feelings for Robin, Marshall and Lilly tried to keep their little traditions alive, and Ted had a very rough year after being left at the altar and beaten up by a goat. Ted ended the season getting a job as an architecture professor and spoiler alert, it looks like that's how he met the mother of his children! We don't know if that means she's a student or something else, but they're getting to the point. Barney and Robin are finally giving their chemistry a go, although it will probably be rocky for the commitaphobe pair.

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Dollhouse (returns September 24)

No one expected this show to get a second season, but FOX managed to surprise and delight all of the Joss Whedon fans by picking "Dollhouse" up again. While the show did not have a huge following on its dead Friday night line up, it had a large amount of DVR tapings, Hulu views, and the DVD sales were strong. The show started out weak but about halfway through Whedon was able to stretch his legs, and it became a show worth watching. Now Ballard is working on the inside of the Dollhouse, Echo went through all her personalities and survived it, and there will be guest stars galore on season two. Including Whedon alumni Summer Glau ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") and Alexis Denisof ("Angel"), and then two "Battlestar Galactica" Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan.

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Dexter (returns September 27)

No one could anticipate that a show about a serial killer would become so beloved and popular, but Showtime pulled it off with "Dexter." Maybe it is because Michael C. Hall's shy sweetness comes through even as Dexter is killing a fellow murderer. Last season provided a really large turning point for the show, however, when Rita became pregnant and Dexter was faced with having a child. He married his future baby momma right after killing former BFF Miguel, because even though Miguel shared his bloodthirsty habits, he didn't withhold the 'code.' And Dexter still very much believes in the code. Next season Dexter copes with actual fatherhood, newly married life, and finding ways to kill people in his very little free time. Plus John Lithgow is joining the cast as a serial killer. Awesome.

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30 Rock (returns October 15)

"30 Rock" is probably the most successful sitcom on television right now, what with its huge amount of Emmy and Golden Globe awards and the star studded cast. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin continue to amuse as Lemon and Jack, plus last season Jack met his real father and tried to find him a kidney using a telethon. The quirky antics of the show should be in full swing for the new season, and Liz is now looking for a new person for their show. Comedy genius on the horizon for a new cast member? "30 Rock" hasn't taken a wrong step, so I think the answer is yes yes yes!

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Lost (returns in February)

"Lost" doesn't come back until 2010, but it is definitely the most anticipated return on television because it will be the very last season. Critics of the show will be glad to hear the sci-fi mind bender will be over, whereas the cultish fans will obsessively pick apart everything in the last season hoping to get all the answers to their five years of questions. Last season the Oceanic Six returned to the Island and became the 'variables.' Faraday assured them there was a way to change everything, and Jack upheld Faraday's idea even after the poor scientist was killed. Juliet broke apart the bomb at the end of the finale, and what is ahead for the Losties now? Did everything change, did the plane never crash, will they ever be together again, why are they traveling through time, who was Jacob really, who was the man in black that took over Locke's body, what did the statue represent, why do pregnant women die on the Island, why does Richard never age, why do dead people walk around, and WHAT IS THE SMOKE MONSTER?! Tune in for season six and hopefully we'll find out!

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Other shows to get ready for: Heroes (September 21), Grey's Anatomy (September 24), The Big Bang Theory (September 21), Californication (September 27), Ugly Betty (October 9), The Mentalist (September 24), Lie to Me (September 28)

What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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