There are no flying cars, butExtant’s” world offers one unforgettable museum visit. That’s just one instance where “Extant’s” world is so much more advanced than ours. Read on to discover more ways life is more appealing—it will make you wish they invented a flash forward button—and entertaining.

New Level of Family Game Night- Enter a world where board games are ditched for flying 3-D puzzles of space ships. And Jenga got a major makeover; instead of a tower of little wooden blocks there are steel balls balancing/creating a shape. Family game night just got more bearable.

See-Through Tablets- Google searching on a white background is sooo 2014, step into the future where transparent tablets are the new tech toy. This way you can check your e-mail and still see what you’re eating for breakfast.

Everyone’s a Passenger- This one may be the closest to becoming a reality: self-driving cars. So long driver’s Ed and hello reclining car seats. Fingers crossed the smart car doesn’t take the longer route.

Lectures are Engaging – You read that right. In this decade you don’t have to pinch yourself awake to hear a colleague’s presentation. Why? Because there are holographic displays to hint at what it’s about and with text coming at you, who wouldn’t stay up for that?

Taking out the Trash is Out of This World – Okay, well it’s still a hassle, but at least wrangling with a trash bag isn’t an option anymore since these futuristic canisters hold your waste. And can be easily disposed in a transparent disposal bin. Who knew taking out the trash would be so tech-like?