May sweeps is coming to an end and many TV shows are concluding the season with shocking and unexpected finales. Season finales are best known for their dramatic moments and thrilling cliffhangers, making them memorable episodes for many viewers. But sometimes they are so disappointing and unbearable to watch, viewers would rather forget about them than to remember their horrible plots or storylines. Here are a list of season finales that have left viewers scratching their heads and trying to figure out what they just watched.

The Sopranos: "Made In America" (Season 6)


Cut to black. That is how one of the greatest shows in Televsion history ends. In the last scene of the Sopranos' series finale, Tony Soprano sits in a diner with his family while being watched by an unknown man sitting at the diner's counter. The man later gets up to go to the bathroom and glances back at him. When Tony's daughter Meadow arrives to the restaurant, Tony looks up and then the whole screen goes dark. This final scene has left many viewers frustrated and wondering whether Tony Soprano got whacked.


Dexter: "The Big One" (Season 5)


Season five of Dexter was one of its best, but the finale was one of its worst. The finale left fans of the hit series with more questions than answers. We never find out why Jordan Chase began his killing spree or the meaning behind his relationship with Emily. It's also not clear why Lumen leaves Dexter at the end to return to a normal life. The birthday party near the end of the final scene makes this episode even more confusing.


Smallville: "The Vessel" (Season 5)

This season five finale of Smallville was a letdown for most Superman fans. Not that much action and a lot of focus on Lex and Lana's relationship. To make matters worse, instead of having a different character play Zod, the producers of the show thought it would be a great idea to have Zod take over Lex's body. The only good thing about this episode was the kiss between Chloe and Clark, which is unfortunate for a season finale of an action drama.


Quantum Leap: "Mirror Image" (Season 5)


Viewers expected the series finale of Quantum Leap to end with Dr. Sam Beckett finally leaping home to his present time, but that never happened. Instead, Sam is reminded by a bartender that he built Project Quantum Leap to correct mistakes of the past and has control over his leaps to return home. We find out at the end of the episode that Sam never returns home and continues leaping through time. Not a great way to end a great show.


St. Elsewhere: "The Last One" (Season 6)

Before there was Grey's Anatomy, there was St. Elsewhere, starring notable stars like Denzel Washington and Howie Mandel. The final episode ends with an autistic child staring into a snow globe where the St. Elsewhere doctors and interns live. That is when it is revealed that the six seasons of the show were figments of the child's imagination. Strange!


Roseanne: "Into That Good Night" (Season 9)


A two-part series finale of Roseanne that reveals that the show is just a fictionalized story in Roseanne's book. As a way to escape reality and change some of the things she doesn't like in her life, Roseanne writes a book that is the opposite of everything going on in her life. This means that the Conners never really win the lottery and Dan does not survive his heart attack. It was all made up through Roseanne's writings. Very disappointing!


Bones: "End in the Beginning" (Season 4)

Another dream sequence episode that jumps right into the episode. This season four finale is all part of Booth's dream while he's in a coma. In his dream, he and Bones are a couple that own a nightclub called "The Lab." The other characters of the Jeffersonian Forensics team play as staff in the nightclub and detectives which make this episode even more bizarre. When will TV producers ever learn that dream world episodes are nightmares for viewers.


Seinfeld: "The Finale" (Season 1)

We all know that Seinfeld is a show about nothing, but viewers expected the series finale to be about something. The final episode was filled with absurdities, beginning with George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine all thrown in jail for a Good Samaritan violation. And then there's a trial to prove their innocence. Characters from previous episodes testify as character witnesses. In the end, all four get sentenced to one year in jail. What a joke!


Persons Unknown: "Shadows in the Cave" (Season 1)

A mini-series that had the potential to acually become a great TV show, but the finale killed any thoughts of that. The show features several strangers who are imprisoned in a deserted town with no idea how they got there. They are monitored by surveillance cameras and manipulated by "The Program." In the season finale, we never find out what this Program is and why it's manipulating and influencing these strangers. We also never find out what happens after the strangers temporarily escape after faking their own deaths and are then re-captured, and awakened in a hotel on the tanker ship, where a night manager greets them to "Level 2." We will never know the answers to these questions because the show was never renewed.


Heroes: "How to Stop an Exploding Man" (Season 1)

Most fans of Heroes expected a showdown between Sylar and Peter in this season one finale, but that never happened. Fans also expected Sylar to be killed by the heroes, but Sylar manages to escape. And Peter's brother sacrifices himself and his political career by flying Peter's nuclear charged body high up into the sky, saving the world from destruction. Fans expected more out of this finale after a great first season, but were left unsatisfied.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know your most disappointing season finale.