Dating is tough stuff. Sure, the rewards are great (rewards like "love," "tax benefits," or "someone who can legally abstain from testifying against you in court,") but the risks are heavy. No one wants a broken heart.

But that's what shows like "The Bachelorette" are for. They're idealized versions of romance, that give us the warm and fuzzies when two people find love, and give us the opportunity to point and laugh when some bozo blows his shot at happiness. But sadly, "The Bachelorette" isn't real life. And because so few of us will find ourselves in a 1-on-25 dating game, "The Bachelorette" offers few examples of how to do things right on the quest for love.

What this season does have, though, is a lot of advice on how to do things wrong. So if you're in need of some dating "Don'ts" (without the dating "Do's"), click ahead to get started with number 10.