Jodie Foster

Yale University

When Jodie Foster enrolled in Yale University, it was unheard of for an A-list actress to leave a bright career and head off to school. Many just waited until their careers ran dry before attempting to try something new. Foster, who was named Valedictorian of her class at the exclusive Los Angeles school, Lycée Français, had applied to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley and Stanford.

She was to score the biggest collegiate coup, to be accepted to each and every Ivy League school she applied for. At the time she admitted to People Magazine, "It sounds so pretentious to say, 'Do I want to go to Harvard or Yale?' I'm scared, but I really want to experience it. When I visited the school, I spent the night on a dorm couch. It was the first time I've ever been around only people my own age. They were so brilliant, so special, the crème of American students. And everyone talks so fast! That's what I want."

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