10 Celebrities With The Best Skin In Hollywood

Celebrities may seem flawless in nearly every situation, but for many, this is simply the result of a good makeup artist, expensive products, flattering lighting, and some handy air-brushing. They all seem to have great teeth or dentists like those at smilesunlimited.ca.Tabloids that expose celebrities sans makeup have shown that some of the most stunning beauties onscreen are just as flawed as the rest of us when spotted on the street. Here are some lucky celebrities that boast flawless skin both onscreen and off.

Nicole Kidman - Fair Faced at Every Age


The pristine glow of Nicole Kidman's skin is especially notable because of its extreme fairness. Most women with skin so light would burn in an instant and show the aftermath of sun damage prominently by middle age. At 45, Kidman is the poster child for smart sun protection. She slathers on sunscreen, covers her skin, and wears wide-brimmed hats to keep her fair skin in such great shape. Kidman also avoids smoking and unhealthy lifestyle habits that will damage her complexion.

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