10 Best Hair-Band Frontmen In 80s Glam Rock

twisted sister

Of all the music hatched from the craziness that was the 1980's, none was more fun, frivolous and full of good times than the hair metal craze of the mid-to-late part of the decade. If this list had a title of, "So many hair bands, so little time," we could list each and every one, from RATT to Faster Pussycat to White Lion. But instead, we went for the guys who kept the fans motivated, the ladies excited and the hairspray companies in business. The front men, the men who lifted the band to soaring heights. Many of these men are still fronting the same bands today, some have come to a tragic end while others have egos that continue to grow despite the non-existence of their original bands. For those about to rock, we salute, the 10 Best Hair-Band Front men In 80's Glam Rock!

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